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Loving our community to life

There are lots of ways to join with us

and support what we do as a church.

One of the ways is to support is by joining in our

vision by giving financially to what we do together. 

This can be anything from a simple one off donation in the boxes we have in the church, or by making monthly contributions via direct debit. 

Why is your gift important?

As our church grows so do the needs of our expanded family. The bible talks a lot about giving to the poor and sharing everything that the early church had in common. In like we want to share financially what we have with one another, and one way of doing that is by giving our offerings to God. In this we then decide how it can best help those who are in need. 

How will my gift be used?

Mainly it goes towards the upkeep of facilities and some staff that support what we do. For a summary of our accounts then feel free to ask and we can send them on. 

To give by Direct debit just fill in your details

and we'll get back to you

How do i give?

Wonderful! We'll get back to you asap

Here is the exact link to donate to Wallacewell to help us continue

to serve our community:

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