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Church is family

We are a church that exists to Love God,

and share the love of God with our community

We value Love, God, Family, Authenticity, 

Relationships, Healing, Joy,  Honour and Faith.

We love our community, and have lots of groups

for you to come and be a part of our family.

Our Community Life

Oasis is the name of our community engagement and our

way as a church to

love our community to life.

Since 2014 we have been running lots of programmes as part of our community in

North East Glasgow.

There are loads on offer, so find something that interests you - From Computer literacy to young families, and much more.


Come and drop in any day throughout the week and see what we’re all about, there is also a sensory Garden open all the time to have a walk round.


Can anyone come

Anyone can come to our church and any of our programmes

that we run. 

You don’t have to have come before or be from the wallacewell area.


All our programmes are free unless they specifically say on their relevant page.


If you are unsure about anything give us a call, drop us a message on Facebook or simply come in and ask.

What is the church like?

Our church is not the building that you might see, it is a family with people of faith who want to share God's love.

On a Sunday our church is a relaxed time of worship where we sing, pray, study God's words, encourage each other, and have great fun being with each other, as a family. 

We belong to the Church of Scotland and the 'Our Church' (above) tab has more info

Where can I find out more?

Click on any of the groups in the section about and it will take you to a page for the specific groups. There you’ll find a little video explaining what the groups do and meet those that run them.

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